Route 66 in the Mojave
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Ludlow to Barstow

Pisgah Crater is one of the 24 cinder cones we spoke of back at Amboy. The cone is being mined by the Twin Mountain Rock Co. If you have a mind for adventure and danger, check out the lava tubes around the cinder cone. You will need an experienced guide to find and explore them.

The Bagdad Cafe is the site of the cult classic film of the same name. The cafe is still open and attracts both film and Route 66 enthusiasts.

Thanks to its easily tapped water supply, Newberry Springs was one of the most important communities in the development of the railroad as well as Route 66. Water pumped from the aquifer was carried by a train of 20 tank cars to all of the preceding communities.

Agricultural stop seen in the movie “The Grapes of Wrath”

Daggett is a community with a long history and a list of important names too long to list here. Originally the milling town for the silver mines in the Calico Mountains, Daggett has hosted many travelers through the Mojave Desert.

National Trails Highway joins I-40.

Exit I-40 at Nebo and turn left. There are some interesting old stone buildings after you pass under the freeway. Most notable is the Grey Stone Cafe. Turn right on Montara. Main Street in Barstow is Route 66, but there is nothing of interest until you get downtown.

First Street in Barstow. This is the original Route 66 thoroughfare in Barstow. The El Rancho Motel, the Village Cafe, the Barstow Garage (now a church) are all still in excellent condition. Down First Street is Casa del Desierto, fully restored and in pristine shape.

To be continued.


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