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Amboy Crater is the most prominent of 24 cinder cones that began erupting about 6,000 years ago. Geologists date the last eruption to 500 years ago, but Needles old-timers recall an eruption during the ’40s.

It seems that the students of Barstow High School had too much time on their hands and spent months piling junk in the crater. When they’d amassed a sizable mound, they set it on fire. The Federal Emergency Management Agency was notified, and residents of nearby Amboy prepared to evacuate. A Los Angeles Times reporter, flying overhead, rained on the students’ parade and bon fire.

Bagdad. There doesn't seem to be much here now, but this was once a booming little community complete with a school, church and its own Harvey House. All that remains is broken pottery, a small cemetery and the siding (still used by Marines from the base at Twentynine Palms).

Siberia still has a building standing, kind of. The remnants of the old store and cafe are crumbling but picturesque.

Ludlow is one of the few towns of its type in the Mojave Desert still prospering. A mining town turned highway town, it was unaffected by the opening of I-40. The Ludlow Cafe (not to be confused with the Ludlow Coffee Shop) and the Ludlow Mercantile still stand in relatively good shape.

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